Garden in the Sun - Notes From Andy

One of the major cathartic breakthroughs I experienced as a songwriter with this project (one that seems to have emerged out of nowhere!!...), was disallowing myself to 'throw out' musical ideas just because they were reminiscent of previous work. For years I have discounted and dismissed riffs, chord sequences, melodic fragments, and rhythms because they somehow felt too connected to past ideas.

I nearly dismissed the guitar riff 'seedling' of "Garden in the Sun" because I felt that it mirrored too closely one of our favorite old pieces, our 1991 song "Rain on the Hill". (These two songs are actually deeply connected - old friends and fans, and keen listeners may figure it out. hint: "April showers bring May flowers"). Thankfully, the riff stuck with me and wouldn't let me go. By eventually letting go of the psychological burden of needing to feel that each new work had to be uniquely different, I was released! That feeling of release led to thoughts about a conversation I once had with a psychologist friend about 'shame' and the theory that shame itself is at the root of all depression and anxiety - and the lyrics started emerging. "Our sweet surrender of shame" became the centerpiece of the vocal and lyric and the heart of the song was literally born in that moment. As has always been the case for the last 32 years, my dear brothers in Thanks to Gravity took this inkling of an idea, a mere riff and a fragment of a lyric, and elevated it to the stars with power and passion!! Our friend Kerem Durdag was visiting us at Acadia recording studio when we were recording this track and he was dancing uncontrollably in a sound-proof booth while we did our second and final take. The energy was electric and, well.. profound.

Sometimes artists want to present their thing, and it doesn't matter what happens after that. You get it, or you don't. Sometimes artists want to feel a connection with the viewer/listener and experience a human connection; the art lies within that connection!!

You may not feel connected
You may not feel this shining sun
It lifts us up, like blossoms from the earth
It fills us up... Relieves our fear

Have you been able to identify and surrender your shame?
Have you been able to transcend? (most of us have not)
Can you cross the divide?

Let us know!

Please listen... please think... please enjoy

We love you!

Andy and T2G, May 2023