• Division of the Human Mind will be released on May 4th, 2023! Pre-ordering will be live on Apple Music and Spotify on March 15th, and will give you access to some brand new "instant gratification" tracks. Or... you can pre-order the album today at our bandcamp site and get immediate access to the new single, The End of Civility. From the band:
    Our first new album in over 20 years, Division of the Human Mind is a concept album in some respects - but not with a continuous storyline. In the end we hope the listener is inspired, uplifted, and most of all motivated! That said, there is a darker edge with many of the pieces confronting troubling trends in society and the current condition of humanity. The End of Civility for example, bluntly observes horrible real life news events and laments the loss of societal cohesion, while inviting the listener to "fill up our lives with love and light." The listener is invited to contemplate the notion that Love is the force that ignited the Big Bang... to Return to place of feeling human connection across the globe... to pay tribute to excellence and to those we admire... and to rest assured that we will not only survive the next extinction, but March onward to start a new renaissance of enlightenment. We hope you enjoy the album and look forward to connecting with each of you.
  • The band performed on stage as part of a new musical theater production, somewhere/elsewhere, written by Kerem Durdag and our own Andy Happel. Thanks to all who came to see the premier of this unique production! We plan to continue developing the project and look forward to sharing more Soon™. Check out this footage from Portland Ovations promoting the debut at Westbrook Performing Arts Center.